About us

According to a statistical report of published papers in 2012 in the famous Journal Nature series ,

Chinese Academy of Sciences, by whom more than 140 papers were issued, had beaten University of Tokyo in Japan, ranking position No.1 among all Asian institutions. It was also the first time research institutions in China ranked at the top 1 in Nature Index statistics ever since. And Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have more papers published in recent five years, when compared with Peking universityand Tsinghua University, ranking No.1 all over China.

We combine extensive record of practical experience with an equal focus on customer service approach. In the last years, our cure more than 700 patients with hepatitis C!

We look forward to you becoming one of them as well!

Medical Team

Dr. Gourdas Choudhuri

Dr. Gourdas Choudhuri.Since 2013 is the director of digestive Fortis hospital, is one of the four members of the Committee of experts of America Gilead clinical trials in India, India is the "national treasure" of hepatitis C treatment expert.

Dr.Neeraj Saraf

Dr.Neeraj Saraf.Senior Consultant at the India Institute of digestive and liver diseases, and Medanta hospital, deputy director of the Institute of liver transplantation, is a liver disease expert, in Mount Sinai, New York hospital received specialized training.

Our core values

Medembassy Cheer for life!

We want people to see a doctor is not difficult; to create a cost-effective medical services first brand; honest and trustworthy, to create a century brand, service first.

Medembassy cured more than 600 patients with hepatitis C China returns abroad is no longer difficult rehabilitation of hepatitis C.India Medembassy C medical group, India famous experts, super class hospital, Dr. professional consulting team, rich experience.

Our Solution and Programs

1. We have legal qualification together with nationally famous consulting team consist of medical experts. It is completely unnecessary for our patient friends to worry about follow-up services.

2. As the most important part in the journey is depend on the hospital, we choose top-10 hospitals in India , China and other Asian countries as our partner, with well trained medical expertsand advanced equipment.

3. Patients will have various tests, including drug resistance to make sure the prescription is based on the patients’personal condition, thus to improve the accuracy of corresponding therapies. Personalized therapy might be necessary for certain patient.

4. All our medicine is from the pharmacy of the hospital, whose quality has been proved by curing countless patients.

5. Some patients may feel adverse reactions when taking the medicine, including drug-resistance virus. We have follow-up consultation to get personalized treatment plan from Indian attending doctors.

Hot Indian medical trip

Currently, India is becoming one of the most popular medical tourism destination around the world. Over 300,000 patients all over the worldtravel to India every year to see a doctor. In India, some hospitals like APOLLO hospital, FORTIS hospital ,Medanta hospital and MAX hospital have reached the international first-class level. In India, sofosbuvir has been officially released on March 23rd , 2015, providing a possibility of anti-HCV journey to India for patients all over the world.

We provide a variety of services for our patients to get with economical and effective treatment to cure their HCV infection in India. We believe “first class hospitals + first class doctors + first class service + medicine of good quality = excellent cure rate”. We have cooperation agreement with a number of best hospitals in India. We provide experienced medical experts accompanying to make it easy and safe for patients on their trip curing hepatitis C and enjoy their good health after the return from India!


1. What do your company do?

A: We focus on only one single career: help HCV infected patients cure their disease. So we can provide high-quality, professional and intimate services.

2. I have never been abroad. Could I still go to India for HCV treatment?

A: Sure! We provide one-stop service for Indian medical trip. The ONLY thing you need to do is to upload your personal information and medical history files and ALL other steps: visa application, translation of medical files, hospital registration, airplane ticket, 24-hour medical accompanying and consultation interpretation will be finished by our medical group to make you a wait-free and concern-free medical journey!

3. Should I stay in India for the WHOLE 12 weeks for the 12-week HCV therapy?

A: Not necessary! We provide medical journey in India: 1-2 days. You can pick the one for the convenience of yourself. For further information, please call (001)4152318413 and our customer service will deal with any of your queries.

4. I have been in IFN therapy but not effective. How about sofosbuvir?

A: Completely curable!

5. When we talk about “cure”, is it for the end of the therapy or 6 months later?

A: Without relapse for 6 months after the treatment ends.

6. Are you experienced in overseas medical trip?

A: Sure! We Medembassy are the first professional company in China to provide abroad HCV medical trip with great experience by successfully sending hundreds of HCV infected patients abroad for medical treatment in whom HCV has been eliminated.

7. How about the private hospitals in India?

A: In India, 80% of all the patients will choose private hospitals. Recently, Indian medical tourism is developing rapidly, and a lot of powerful private hospitals with international first-class equipment, international-qualified experienced medical expert and professional treatment process, has won their fame among international patients.

8. What about your partner hospitals? Are they formal hospitals?

A: As the most important part in the journey is depend on the hospital, we choose top hospitals in India and other Asian countries as our partner, with well trained doctors and advanced equipment and updated HCV therapy.

9. Which is better, HCV therapy in India v. s. in the U.S.A.?

A: Actually, the “two therapies” use the same method. sofosbuvir is authorized to Indian pharmaceutical factory by Gilead so the medical compounds and effects are completely identical. And most importantly, this drug has already cured countless people.

10. Why is it SO MUCH CHEAPER to cure HCV in India than the U.S.A.?

A: The price of sofosbuvir produced in India is a several tenth of in the United States, plus the cheap labor in India and the strong governmental support of domestic medical industry, thus Indian HCV treatment is in high performance-price ratio.

11. What if I would like to have a tour in Indian tourist attractions in my medical trip?

A: We provide combo package including traveling as well. traveling package does not delay your medical trip. so if you are interested in India's attractions and would like to have a tour in your medical journey passingly, just choose the travel package and a professional tour guide will be waiting to service you.

12. How long it will take for Indian visa?

A: 10-15 days in total. 3-4 days for registration, and then 10 days for visa application.

13. Are we going to take generic drug of sofosbuvir in India?

A: Definitely not. We take Sovaldi --brand name drug from Gilead in the pharmacy of hospitals, not generic drugs.

For more concerns and queries, please dial our consulting hotline to have a further reply. You can call our consultation number (001)4152318413.