Remote consultation program

India remote HCV treatment scheme.Low price, high cure rate.No need to go abroad, very convenient

Therapeutic drugs in India

MyHep LVIR (by Mylan) [Harvoni], sofosbuvir (brand name drug Sovaldi exported to India), and daclatasvir (by Mylan) for treatment of chronic hepatitis C.

Recommended combination option of therapy are as follows:
Genotyping Treatment plan treatment time
Genotyping 1
Gilead 2nd generation (MyHep LVIR)
(sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir)
12 weeks
sofosbuvir (Gilead)
+ daclatasvir (Mylan)
Genotyping 2
sofosbuvir (Gilead)
+ daclatasvir (Mylan)
12 weeks
Genotyping 3
sofosbuvir (Gilead)
+ daclatasvir (Mylan)
24 weeks
Genotyping 4
Gilead 2nd generation (MyHep LVIR)
(sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir)
12 weeks
Gilead 2nd generation (Ledifos)
(sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir)
12 weeks
For the destination:

Top five hospitals in India in Delhi : Fortis hospital(, Medanta hospital(

Treatment expert:

Famous medical expert, liver transplant specialist Dr.Neeraj Saraf in Medanta hospital .Dr. Gourdas Choudhuri, well-known expert, director of Department of Gastroenterology in Fortis hospital, whose published literature with total impact factors of 555.47. and are cited for 2123 times, is a Indian ultra first-class expert, and had communicating visits to China for many times after invitation of Medembassy.

All the expenses

Medembassy only charges $ 6,000 for consulting services, excluding medications (drug charges are separate).

1. Genotyping

2. Viral load

3. Ultrasonic testing

4. Detection of liver hardness

5. Blood routine

6. liver function

7. Coagulation

8. Alpha-fetoprotein

9. Renal function (creatinine)

10. Hepatitis B two pairs of semi

11. Gastroscopy (required for patients with liver hardness greater than 14)

Our Indian medical trip characteristics:

a. Our doctors’ team will provide top professional consultation in China.

b. Medembassy Indian office commissioner accompanied Indian medical trip.

c. Cooperation with super hospitals--Fortis hospital and Medana hospital and their famous experts.

d. take medicine in hospital pharmacy, to ensure the quality of drugs.

Medembassy India's long-range consultation process and services

①. According to the needs of patients, the two sides discuss options to determine the most appropriate Indian medical institutions.

②. The true information submitted by the patient, including but not limited to those involved in the relevant professional consulting issues.

③. Medembassy responsible for the information sent to the two sides confirmed the Indian professional advisory body.

④. India's professional advisory body based on patient needs to recommend the well-known experts in the medical institutions.

⑤. Medembassy provides the site, equipment and on-site communication personnel needed for the remote video consultation service to help B to better communicate with the Indian experts within the agreed time.

⑥. According to the patient's request, med embassy to the patient to submit remote video content of the text of the consultation, the total number of words limited to: 2000 words or less.

⑦. Three follow-up visits were given to provide the Indian patient with textual information on the patient's request for counseling, and to provide the Indian expert with a timely response to the patient. The total number of words is limited to 1500 words.

Registration hotline: (001)4152318413